Rags to Riches is a Swedish based blogg/site, dedicated to secondhand designer fashion. Its run by Art Director and concept developer Lisa Loderus, based in Malmö. 

The site originally was an online marketplace, just like Vestiaire Collective, but smaller. After some years I figured that there were to many really good online marketplaces, and decided to start an event instead. 

Finloppis SS16 på Malmö Live. Foto Moncef
Today I run a pop up flea market for secondhand designer clothing in Malmö and hopefully soon also in other cities. I hold this market 2 a year at spectacle places in Malmö. In my network I have 150 cool sellers from Skåne and Copenhagen and together we attract over 1500 visitors on each occasion. The name of the market is Finloppis. 

So, ragstoriches.se will from now on be dedicated updates about Finloppis, I will write guides to really good secondhand fashion shopping on my travels, I will also make interviews with interesting people within fashion and sustainability, try to keep the blog updated with everything that goes on in sustainable fashion and sometimes also have a "bloppis" when my wardrobe needs some space.

Finloppis FW15 på Media Evolution. Foto: Helena Poneli

The whole idea behind Rags to riches and Finloppis is to inspire others to stop the overconsumption of new garments, especially fast fashion. Buy less but better, buy secondhand and sell your items when you are bored with them. Lets recycle more and save not only the planet but also our minds and our wallets.

Lets choose what to wear ourself, don´t leave this decision to the ones who use most money on their advertising. 

If you have tips or ideas regarding the above - send me a message and I will reade it. 
For all questions regarding Finloppis, please email: lisa@ragstoriches.se

I will sometimes use English and other times Swedish in my texts. 

My company-site: loderus.se

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