Swedish Fashion Council i Malmö

5:23 AM

Caroline Le Bongoit (Design Malmö), Elin Frendberg (Swedish Fashion Council), Lisa Loderus (Rags to Riches) and Pauline Ström (SFC).

A wonderful initiative from Design Malmö and Altitude meetings to invite Elin Frendberg and Pauline Ström from Swedish Fashion Council. I was at Studio to listen to their review of Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The future of fashion must be green, must be recyclable and sustainable. The way is long and hard, especially for the big producers, but the initiatives to a more sustainable fashion industry are many. Swedish fashion council sees the future in bright colors and work hard to get all their members to sign petitions regarding both environment and ethical issues.

Pauline Ström (Swedish fashion council).

One campaign they work with right now is that everyone in Sweden, connected to fashion must stop using to young and to skinny models. I really hop they will succeed in this. I remember our first photoshoot for Rags to Riches with a size 38 model. She was amazing. Not big.

I look forward to follow the future of fashion and hope there will be more sustainability for real and less "green washing".

Swedish fashion council
Copenhagen fashion summit

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