Fashion Revolution in Lund

1:31 PM

Please join me in Lund for Fashion revolution week! During the 24-30 of April there will be happenings and lectures on Sustainable fashion in Lund, organized by the Student organization Oikos and Lund university.

I will be talking about fast fashion and the beauty of secondhand fashion in the evening of the 27 of April. Read more about the event here. At the same time there will be a clothes swap event - so do as I always say and kill your darlings. Those darling rags that has been in your closet for the last year, unworn. Bring them and swop them to something you could actually wear. Let someone else fall in love with that Acne sweater that does not suit you, the leatherjacket you dont feel comfortable in or the stilettos that make you walk like a duck. 

Join the fashion revolution!

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